A Little Background

Cynthia and Carlson Cheng entered the real estate industry looking for a way to end their financial hardships and find a way to stop worrying about money and the family’s future. After learning about property investment, they purchased their first investment property and quickly knew they were on the right path to financial independence. They experienced so much success they wanted to share their knowledge with other struggling families.

The Clinic RE was founded by Cynthia and Carlson Cheng and their business partner Brian Baniqued. When Cynthia and Carlson started out in real estate they used Brian as their broker. The three worked so well together they combined their talents to fill a much-needed hole in the real estate market and formed The Clinic RE.

What the Real Estate Market Needed

Cynthia has been purchasing real estate since the year 2000. It wasn't until her first purchase and sale of a multifamily unit and being a landlord for over 20 years that she realized the disconnect among buyers, agents, and sellers

They all were working together, but not in an efficient way. Time and money were always left on the table. After working closely with Brian, who is a second-generation real estate broker and consultant, the Chengs had an idea; a better way to streamline the real estate process.

Why The Clinic RE?

With her background as a hospital pharmacist, landlord, and over 20 years as an investor in real estate, Cynthia’s meticulous attention to detail brought her to notice the parallels between health and wealth.

Just as your prescription for physical health changes with your life so does your prescription for financial health. Real Estate, whether you’re buying, selling, or investing is tied into your overall financial health, yet it’s often treated separately.

How We’re Different

The idea behind The Clinic RE is to provide a holistic evaluation that takes all of your life’s variables into consideration and create a comprehensive analysis of your financial health - much like a doctor does for your physical health.

Your “prescription” is fluid and will change as your life changes, and The Clinic RE Team will be there to help you navigate those changes. Although we’re not financial advisors, our analysis is similar in scope, and we work to maximize your wealth within the context of your real estate decisions.

Your Prescription for Real Estate Wealth

We assess the health of your current investments and provide you with a clear path to maximize your short and long term wealth.